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Why does the site seem slow?
I'm hosting Cosmoa myself on my own hardware, both to serve as a learning experience and so I have a relatively cost-effective way to have total control over my website and server configuration. Because of this though, it's probably slow for people who use Cosmoa in other countries or for any larger amounts of traffic to the site. However, if it gets unbearably slow, please let me know! Why is there a date for some uploads but not others?
My server crashed in August 2020 from a power outage, and I lost all the data on it (but thankfully I had backups!). Up until July 2021, I didn't store upload timestamps, and relied entirely on when each upload file was last modified, so when that was overwritten with the backup files, the timestamps were all overwritten with August 3rd 2020. To avoid confusion, I removed all upload timestamps with that date, so whenever you don't see when something was uploaded, that's why :P Who is the team behind Cosmoa?
As of right now, just me! Although I would like to have a moderation team at some point, I'd really like to NOT repeat the same mistakes of other platforms where they get carried away with that. If things get unmanagable for me alone though, I'll consider having heavily-vetted moderators who have good relations with Cosmoa's community. Did you really create this on your own? What frameworks did you use?
Indeed I did! I initially started development in November 2018 with 0 prior knowledge of server-based web development, but gave up shortly after because I was way in over my head and the website was painfully bad. But then some online friends reached out and I restarted development since November 2019! I am extremely glad I created Cosmoa, and I look forward to seeing this as a very successful platform one day :) As for frameworks, I use JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and PHP as my languages. I didn't use JavaScript or CSS libraries either. Feel free to question my sanity now. For server-side libraries, I use PHPMailer for account verification emails, and Stripe for Premium payments. Other than that, I've written every line of code that you see (and don't see!) over the course of Cosmoa's long road of development! Why do you talk with a billion emoticons and why is your Terms of Service page especially bad?
Because I'm stuck in 2010, don't judge :c